Hello, Xibalba
Playa Del Carmen - 🇲🇽 Mexico
December 2019
[NL] Tekst
Mayan Dance had a very profound meaning with the ancient Mayas, as it was considered as the bridge between this world and the underworld called Xibalba. It was a sacred ritual, which you will find represented on many vessels, murals and steles... Below, you'll find a bunch of my pictures I toke of this astonishing show.
In the ceremonial Mayan Dance kings and nobles dressed up like jaguars, birds or some abstract being , covering their faces with masks, imitating and venerating all living creatures of their surroundings, which are as connected to us humans, as we all are connected one to another.
Dancing put them into a trance, giving them access to a higher level of conscience. In this altered state of mind, the performers could go to the underworld and return, releasing the souls from the grasp of the lords of death in the Xibalba and perceive the truth about themselves as being living spirits capable of creating anything with love, as love is life.
To sum things up, this is definitely a must-see. 
With love,
Nick Reys is a writer and experience designer who wandered a half-globe before finding home. Now in Cincinnati, she's the author of "In the Wide Country of Love," publisher of Haven Magazine, and a contributor to Magnolia. 
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